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A wide range of air purifiers, experts teach you how to choose?

A wide range of air purifiers, experts teach you how to choose?  We all know the harm to the body of haze, many people have chosen to wear masks, the family also bought an air purifier, but how do you really know? Professionals: more and more types of air purifiers, the price is ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands” The price gap is so big, how to choose their own purifier? Professionals: from 2016 to March a new national standard, on the [...]

Allegies acting up?–an air purifier you should buy it

Allegies acting up?–an air purifier you should buy it It’s no secret that the air we breathe indoors is often significantly worse for us than the air outside. “Sick-building syndrome” is a very real concern. While individuals with allergen sensitivities more susceptible to the effects of these contaminants, many of us may be having breathing issues as a result of this poor air quality and not even know it. In the short term, these indoor particulates can cause soreness in the nose and [...]

Student’s inventive air purifier design impresses innovation award judges

Student’s inventive air purifier design Craighead Diocesan School student Yaya Chanawichote is awarded the South Canterbury Coresteel Building Innovation Award, which was presented by Archdeacon of South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury Reverend Peter Carrell at the school’s prizegivng last week. All Yaya Chanawichote wanted was a breath of fresh air so she designed one. The Craighead Diocesan School Year 13 student designed an air purifier for classrooms as a basis for her Graphics Scholarship entry. Her design meant the air purifier could be [...]

china air purifier manufacturer directory 1

china air purifier manufacturer directory 1 1.Company name:Aquapure CN Ltd. Address:R1807, University-town Business Park, Lishan Road, Taoyuan, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 2. Company name:Zhuhai Large Horse Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Address:(Middle Block) Floor 3, No. 1 Industrial Factory Building, Pingdong 2nd Road, Nanping Science Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China (Mainland) Tel:86-756-8818786 3.Company name:Xiamen Voke Health Technology Co., Ltd. Address:16 Xianghong Road, Xiangan Dist., Xiamen, Fujian, China (Mainland) Tel:15980856113 4. Company name:Foshan Nuobio Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Address:Room 531, Guantian Xinzhan Plaza, #6 Xinhua East Road, Ronggui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, [...]

Team cracks mystery of London’s ‘killer fog’

In 1952, a killer fog containing pollutants covered London for five days, causing breathing problems and killing thousands of residents. The exact cause and nature of the fog has remained mostly unknown for decades, but scientists now believe the mystery has been solved. The same air chemistry also happens in China and other locales, they report. In December of 1952, the fog enveloped all of London and residents at first gave it little notice because it appeared to be no different [...]

Trying to keep the dirty air away from their children and older parents.

NEW DELHI — For days, many in Delhi have been living as if under siege, trying to keep the dirty air away from their children and older parents.   But it is not easy: Open a window or a door, and the haze enters the room within seconds. Outside, the sky is white, the sun a white circle so pale that you can barely make it out. The smog is acrid, eye-stinging and throat-burning, and so thick that it is being [...]

Breathe easy with an air purifier

Some time ago Noida-based entrepreneur Sushmita Sinha’s son had a cough that lasted for almost a month. A worried Sinha decided to buy an air purifier. “It had a dramatic effect. Earlier, my son would lie awake at night coughing, but now he sleeps peacefully,” says Sinha.  An air purifier can be a panacea for many. “If pollutants like pollen, dust, dust mites, mould, tobacco smoke and pet dander trigger seasonal allergies in you; if there is someone with asthma, [...]

Do air purifiers keep out pollution?

At their core, air purifiers are supposed to work like lungs. They work on the principle of sucking in air and passing it through a filter that traps particulates of various sizes. Some air purifiers also use ozone or air sprays to remove odour. The key claim of air purifiers is that they trap particulate matter less than 10 microns thick. Were such matter to deposit in our lungs they would, over time, erode lung capacity and is equivalent to [...]

Best quality competitive price air cleaner,filter P.M 2.5 HEPA ionizer air purifier Korea, TVOCs removal expert air purifier

Best quality competitive price air cleaner,filter P.M 2.5 HEPA ionizer air purifier Korea, TVOCs removal expert air purifier  Product Description 1 Specification& function Speccification Product name 7-Stage Air Purifier/air cleaner With Negative Anion Model No. OLS-K08 Negative ionic releasing(/cm3) 50 million Rated voltage 220V(50Hz),110V(60Hz) Product size(mm) 370*195*650 Power(W) 80 Filter size(mm) 397*297 CADR(m3/H) 320 Housing material 100% new ABS from LG Sterilization 365 nm ultraviolet light Applicable area(m2) 38 PM 2.5(%) 99.9 Net weight(Kg) 8.0 Noise(dB) 17~55 (low~high) Certification CB,CE,RoHS,CQC TVOC removal rate(%) 93.5 Control operation Touch screen + Remote control Sensor dust sensor Protection function Children lock Filter Aluminum alloy pre-filter,Cold catalyst,Formaldehyde filter(activated carbon filter optional),Antibacterial non-woven filter,High-efficient HEPA filter Function&Feature 1.Remove odors, e.g. tobacco smoke,beverage smell, pet smell etc. 2.Eliminate dust, pollen, allergy, mold and Kill bacterial, virus, germs. 3.Remove formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC. 4.Clear static, increase brain oxygen,refresh body and help you breathe and sleep better and improve human immunity. 5.Auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator. 6.Three-grade wind speed control. 7. 1~12H timer with sleeping mode. 8. 7-Stage Purifying (UV lamp optional) 9. Ultra quiet DC motor- low electricity consumption and 30000 hours life time. 10. Filter replacement reminder,PM2.5 concentration indicator, smart mode.   2 Filter process    3 Usage scene   Company Information 1 Profile About Olans Established in 2006, located in Guangzhou south China. Guangzhou Olans water treatment equiptments Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Air purifiers, Water purifiers, Water dispensers and related accessories. We own a powerful R&D team with highly qualified designers and engineers , which annually [...]

While The Government Is Taking Its Own Time, These People Are Fighting For Clean Air

The conversation around air pollution is not a new one for India with several attempts being made in the past – some successful and some not as much – to educate citizen on the need to combat air pollution through the year. Unfortunately, despite an all round effort to clean up the air, the results are bleak. With Delhi topping the chart in the country with the most polluted air. There have been some individuals who have worked against the [...]