Diabetic patients how to drink hydrogen rich hydrogen rich water bottle

Diabetic patients how to drink hydrogen rich hydrogen rich water bottle

Many of the type of diabetes, but his pathology is the same, is a problem caused by metabolism. Small molecules of magnetized water and health effects: long drinking hydrogen rich water can reduce blood fat, lowering blood; blood alkaline, acidic correction; Jianhua insulin receptor, hypoglycemic enhancement effect; sedation; gastrointestinal conditioning. Appetite; prevention and dissolution of gallstones.

Water is very valuable to people, drinking large quantities of water at home and abroad a large number of practice has proved that healthy people drink small molecules of water for many years the body’s physiological functions, including pancreatic insulin secretion function is not easy to offset.

Already suffering from diabetes, as long as the serious drinking hydrogen rich water, a certain time after the disease will ease, some people will return to normal:

1, small molecules of water can quickly change the state of cell metabolism, there is a good activation of cell function. Pancreatic cells are activated, is fundamentally cure diabetes.

2, the experiment according to Professor Li Fuxing, small molecules of water can cause more nutrient deposition in cells, the effect of changes in cell function is fundamental.

3, hydrogen rich water is alkaline water, the change in patients with diabetes, acidic physique is also good. Diabetic patients when drinking hydrogen rich water to eat alkaline foods (basic food and fruit, vegetables, soy products, dairy products, such as kelp; chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs, rice, noodles, oil, wine and other acidic food), after several months of mediation, the body fluid will to weak alkaline transformation. The study found that diabetes in human body fluid from acidity to weak alkaline insulin increased by 0.1, increased the activity of 30%-50%, which is very important for the stability of diabetes.

4, insist on drinking hydrogen rich water, will also receive a good effect for the improvement of calcium, calcium in pancreatic cell metabolism, improve the ability of pancreatic glucose control is also very important.

5, diabetic people drink more hydrogen rich water, also can prevent urinary tract infection; increase blood volume, improve blood circulation and microcirculation. Misunderstanding of many people with diabetes water, not water, even deliberately limiting water, one is the “urine” symptoms; the two is the fear of discharging the sugar loss in the urine; three is afraid to increase the burden on the kidneys, even causing edema. In fact, discharge patients every day in urine sugar is depending on the severity of diabetes, with water and urine. Urine volume increased when glucose concentration decreased, so the total loss of urine every day does not increase. As long as there is no development of renal function the more water, especially drinking hydrogen rich water, is beneficial to the stable condition.

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